Unique Item Delivery



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The Preferred Courier & Delivery Service Company in the Greater St. Louis & Bi-State Area For Over 20 Years With More Than 1,000,000 Deliveries

What Do All These Things Have In Common?

Hint: We've delivered them all for our clients in the Greater St Louis area. 
No babies included! 

Your Delivery Items Need Special Handling

Some items can’t be trusted to just any delivery service. For these, you need the pros. Ontime Express ensures respectful, careful delivery for any item, large or small, weird or well-known. In fact, one of the truest values of our courier delivery service is our ability to know how to handle any item you put in our care.

We Know How to Handle Regulated Deliveries

We’ve carried court filings, cut flowers, catering supplies, passports and pallets, pharmaceuticals and even stat blood. Our drivers have a working knowledge of professional and compliance requirements that have proven to clients in the Greater St. Louis area that they can rely on speedy delivery for even the most regulated items.

Why Choose Ontime Express As Your St Louis Area Courier & Delivery Company?

Packages of All Sizes

From small envelopes to full truck loads, and every size in between, we've delivered just about everything.

Local St Louis Office

We live and work in greater STL, which means you're getting the local care and attention you deserve from fellow Blues & Cardinal fans. 

No Broker Loads

Everything we do is in-house. When you call us, we get it done. 

Experienced Drivers

With more than 20 years of experience in the market, we make sure we have the very best team to support your deliveries.

Local & Distance

We provide clients in the greater St. Louis, bi-state and surrounding area every day with rapid response deliveries.  

Knowledgeable Staff

We know the Gateway City inside and out. Gravois, Carondelet and Des Peres we know how to pronounce. We know you by your High School.  And that Riverport will always be the real name.